Users still get disconnected from MSN network

Hi guys,

since last version of gateway plugin (1.2.2a) my users complain that every few minutes they get disconnected from msn network. I thought was a combination of openfiregateway.jarOS, then I decided to redo pretty much everything from scratch. Now, I have openfire-3.5.1 + gateway-1.2.3 running on a RedHat Enterprise 4 and users still complain about the disconnect.

Attached is my warn.log file with show errors as

2008.04.29 10:49:42 Error occured while processing packet:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: session is not available

If there is anything else to be search for in the logs … just let me know.



Do you have a required proxy set up for HTTPS traffic? Any sort of networking that might be “in the way” so to speak? I’ve yet to see this behavior for myself, so I don’t yet have any suggestions. Some folk see this, some folk don’t. There wasn’t appear to be a lot of rhyme or reason to it except that it seems to affect entire servers worth of people, not just individuals. I almost wonder if MSN isn’t blocking/kicking certain addresses.

I do … actually I have a firewall between the openfire server and out world. But all the required outgoing connections have been opened.

Do I need to open something else?


Port 443 (and possibly port 80) are open? (i would imagine they are, but just making sure) Does the Test Connection from the admin console work?

I have 443, 5050, 5190 and 1863 (not port 80) open in my rules …and theTest Connection from admin console works just fine.


Try opening port 80 a moment and see if it helps. There might be a connection that attempts to go to 80.

I did … and I’m getting the same error messages (see attachment). Not only getting Connection type error …but now I also see a MySql error …

warn.log (28865 Bytes)