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Userservice: Multicasting messages to a list of users


i created a patch for the userservice plugin.

With this patch, you can multicast a message to a list of users. This works without selecting them one by one in the broadcastmenu and without inviting them to a group first - you also don’t need them as contact in your rooster.

It is also possible to multicast the message to specified resources of the userlist only.

If, for example, testuser is running spark and miranda at the same time, you could send the message to spark only if you want.

This is nice for support and/or testing issues.

If you have some feedback, it would be nice.

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The patch looks great. I am lukewarm about the idea of splitting users and resources into two params. Wouldn’t it be better to be explicit and just say jids= ? The jids could be bare or with a resource attached.


You mean like this?

jids=tim/spark, tim/miranda, daryl/miranda

I was thinking on messages like “there is a new version of your application” or “we will shut down the server in five minutes” or somethink like this. For that purpose, i thought it would be easyer if you write all users that you want to contact and the resource you are talking about.

somethink like this:

users=tim, daryl & resource=spark

Or if you dont care about the resource and the message should go to every resource:

users=tim, daryl

What are your doubts or the benefits of being explicit there?

How do you send to





with the name and resource separate?

BTW, this is what the broadcast plugin already does, so why add similar functionality to the userservice? Isn’t that somewhat out of scope for the purpose of the userservice plugin.

It would be useful for only broadcasting to select users. I can see this within the scope of what userservicing involves

You need indeed more then one request to send a message to this users. But the idea behind this was, to send messages like support messages to a set of users you select in a db or something.

So i thought it would be “faster” or “easier” to transmit a list of users and then the resources you want.

But if you guys really think it would be more comfortable to make it explicit, i will rethink this.

By the way Pidgin is a problem if you want to select by resources. Pidgin generates the resource name on every connect so you cant adress messages to pidgin.