Using a blink(1) as a presence light, and wherefore art thou other community Spark plugins


  1. I read with great interest the Janurary 17, 2007(!) Presence Light post by Greg and I’m wondering if anyone has modified the code to work with these devices: blink(1) – the USB RGB LED notification light. At $30 each they are one-third the price of the lights mentioned in $588 billion? Are you serious?

The nice thing about the blink(1) is that it works on Linux and Mac OS X, in addition to Windows, without a special driver needed for any OS, which I think means a cross-platform plugin for Spark could be written. Greg’s original code was for Windows only. I’m no Java expert so it’s difficult for me to identify the Windows-specific code in Greg’s plugin at esencelight.jar so if I was going to tweak it myself I don’t know where to start.

  1. On a somewhat related note, I don’t see Greg’s code at and this blog post New Community Plugin Space on Ignite has a link to but gives an “unauthorized” error. I’m sure the error is due to link rot in the nearly nine years it has been since the blog posts debuted. But my question is whether there is some other page or site besides github that hosts community-contributed plugins?