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Using a custom authenticator for XMPP authentication


I’ve successully managed to export my own Authenticator which implements AuthProvider to the lib/ directory of my Openfire deployment.

I’ve changed the provider.auth.className System Property using the webinterface of Openfire.

I’m using LoggerFactory.getLogger to write to the WARN logfile of Openfire.

My problem is, that the administrative web interface of Openfire uses the Authenticator I wrote (it shows my message), but when I try to authenticate with a jabber client (using Pidgin 2.10.0) my custom authenticator is not used(no message at all), and it seems the default authenticator is used.

Why is that and what have I done wrong?



I have the same problem. Does anyone knows how to resolve this problem?

Create new server property

sasl.mechs=PLAIN or sasl.mechs=ANONYMOUS