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Using a persistent room for logging

I’'d like to create a room which is always around and records messages from all participants forever.

The idea would be that all our machine can chat to this room and admins can watch messages in real time (and if they’'re quick, log a message so the timestamp is near the event they are commenting upon).

What’'s the right way to set this up?

Hey Gregory,

Depending on your needs you have two options.

Option 1: Make the room persistent and enable conversation logging

This option doesn’'t require occupants to be connected all the time. All room messages will be saved to the database together with the exact timestamp when the message was sent.

Option 2: Use a temporary room and set the maximum number of chat history messages stored for rooms to a high value

This option is not very nice but it may also help you. Since the room is temporary you will need to have at least one occupant in the room all the time. Maybe your “machines” will be always in the room? The room history will be kept in memory so this option won’'t scale very much. The number of messages to keep in memory for the rooms can be configured from the admin console.


– Gato

Thanks for the ideas!

Btw, have you all considered a log room for Jive Messenger itself?

Actually, yes. We’'re going to try go get some permanent chat rooms up on the site sometime next week.




Just as an aside, it would be awesome if you added a Log4J appender to smack to make logging trivial.

I’‘ve been using the one from IBM’‘s tutorial but you’'d be the hero of many if you rolled similar functionality to smack…

just some bait…