Using AD/LDAP for vCard and permitting users to specify avatar?


Is it possible to allow the user to set an avatar for themselves (for instance using Spark) if we’'re providing vcard info via LDAP/AD ?

Tried to do this and the user is presented with an error that the server doesn’'t support vcard - and the server logs an error regarding vcard provider beign read-only - which is obviously the culprit.

I’‘m aware that LDAP/AD VCard is read-only - but I’‘m not sure if there’'s a workaround to still permit fun pictures.



Can be… by implementing a custom VCardProvider or change the LdapVCardProvider to let it accept avatar changing or so…

VCardProvider is customizable in wildfire.xml. The read-only nature is probably only Jive’'s default implementation and can be changed (by code)

Oh - I see… so, since I’'m not ready to crack open the code yet and begin customizing this myself, do you know if anyone else has already conquered this?


Can someone on the dev team, or anyone that has been able to allow avatars in conjunction with AD/LDAP give some details on how to go about this? I understand that AD from WF is readonly, and that another Vcard provider would have to specified, but is it even possible? Can we have two different providers, one for AD/LDAP and one for Avatars? What would the conf file look like, and what provider should we use for avatars?

I have discussed this with the developers a while ago… The suggestion I made was to allow the user to specify that certain vcard data was pulled from LDAP and other data from the DB… So for example:


I am just making up the data that would be put in there… but it was asked that there be a way to tell the vcard map that a specific field is pulled from a source other than the currently set default source… If the ldap vcard provider was re-written to parse out the “attrs” attribute and check it to determine where the data shoul dbe coming from then it might be possible… This is far beyond my java capabilities but it has been requested and is now recorded as JM-460 in the issue tracker… But I have not seen much progress on it… Hopefully soon though…

would be very cool to get this going. Spark seem to work fine with Google Talk avatars.

I voted for it.

Go to the issue tracker and vote for this issue it might get the developers moving on this faster…