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Using * as a search. nightl 3292006

I did see one issue so far with this. Wildfire is still only caching the 3300 entries approved.

Example of issue: User A wants to search for a friend not knowing the spelling of name or what have you. in the search criteria he only puts’’ * ‘’, to get a complete listing of people on the server. Exodus returns entries, but now User B does the same thing, at the same time or soon afterwards. User B gets 3 to 5 seconds of searching then “Cannot contact the Search Agent” error occurs.

Is this a time out error in Exodus do you think, or could it be the search service?

Update, I still cannot contact search agent after 3 or 4 minutes…hmmmmm.


Hey jeff,

This is defintly related to the issue we were discussing elsewhere in the forum. Wildfire needs to load the entries in order to load the user information. Hence we will limit searches to return 100 entries initially (configurable) and longer term implement paging in the search service.



ok. That is a great answer!