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Using Groups in Group Chat Rooms

Looks like this is a question that was asked a bit, but I haven’t seen any more recent info (new than 2009) info out on Google. Is it possible, now, to assign groups to specific rooms?

We are using pre-populated LDAP groups. Our LDAP users show up in those group and it auto-populates the rosters. Now I would like those groups to be assigned as members to specific Chat Rooms so communication between those users is not limited to 1:1. It appears the chat room members are by user only. Am I correct that this feature is still not available in 3.8.1? If it is, I would love instructions on how to set it up as such so I can restrict access to these room without having to maintain two seperate, and potentially mismatched, lists.


This is still not possible and i don’t see this happening any time soon as development is only driven by a few volunteers who don’t have time for such complex code reworking. OF-179