Using Jingle Library, Video Window has displayed but there is no Video

i’ve to integrate video streaming using jingle library. recently i vistited your blog “ e-library/” . it very helpful one. i downloaded both the projects and complied and executed.
in beginning some errors are came, i resolved it all. now it works fine. we are using logitech in server side, zebronics in client side. both cameras are detects in JMF Registry.

First of all, i run the server and run the client again.

in server i got some response n in client side i got some response. here i’ve attached both of it. plz refer it.

i’ve some doubts in program execution.

in client, i got the video response but there is no video but player is still playing. I tried everything but there is no video,only showing the player.

what i’ve to do in server & client? while running the programs, server & client detects the camera but doest not receive any video from server.

or shall i run another client for video chatting? Empty Video player displays only in Client & In Server - there is no video.

how should i run the program to make effective video streaming between client n server. or do i run JM Studio for video capturing?..

Here i’ve attached Client Response, Server Response, AVManager.Java File.

Plz Refer it. let me know if any errors in it.