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Using Karaka (Skype/XMPP Gateway) with openfire


i’m looking for a solution to give my user the possibility to chat with there skype contacts through xampp. I recently discovered Karaka - a skype/xmpp gateway. Anyone working with it and can give me a hint how to use with openfire?

Any other solutions?


XMPP-Scrapper has posted this guide http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1933

Thanks wroot. Teguh asked the right question: How to install on Windows? I’m confused too.

can you give me access to the guide too?

I have restored a previous version of this DOC, because the current one had broken link to pdf. Not sure if it is worth anything now, after 6 years passed…

Bom Dia Como anda o projeto?

Consigo colocar em um openfire que esta em servidor windows?