Using Meetings on Public Internet (Ofmeet)

What is required to allow offsite users to use the ofmeet plugin in Openfire?

It works perfectly on our local network, but I’m struggling w/ offsite users and am hoping for some guidance…

Remote users can see the webpage and try to join, but just get the black screen w/ toolbar (no other participants/etc)

(the logs for these remote users seem pretty blank and uninformative)

Ports Forwarded in Firewall:

TCP/5222 (XMPP Client)

TCP/5223 (XMPP Client - Old)

TCP/7443 (Meetings Webpage)

UDP/5000 ~ UDP/7000 (Meetings Media Ports - I also tried TCP)

UDP/50000 ~ UDP/65000 (Port Usage observed in Meetings Webpage Statistics MouseOver)

Openfire > Meetings > Meetings Settings

Min Port used for media = 5000

Max port used for media = 6000

Local IP Address = Same FQDN as Public, have also tried

Public IP Address = Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN / subdomain resolves to our Public IP)

Focus JID = focus@FQDN (same as public)

CentOS 6, Openfire 3.10.2 (using MySQL), Meetings 0.2.2

Iptables is disabled for testing

network hostname is FQDN used in the Public IP Address above

Win7 & Win8 Clients, Chrome 46, Chrome Extension 0.0.5

Your numbers look right.

Is your server forward facing? I had the same problem with my OpenFire server sitting on my network and it was a Nat transversal issue. Issues with the way my modem and gateway was configured. The first thing I did was use a software VPN on my Windows 2008R2 server that punched a hole through Nat. Then I went out and bought a upgrade to my gateway and bridged my cable modem. Seems to work well enough now, but if I try to meet with someone on the West Coast (I’m East Coast) I tend to have issues. Not sure why because I’ve conferenced with people all up and down the East Coast.

Yes, we have cable internet as well, the modem is bridged, and we have a router with what I believe to be the correct ports forwarded properly (see OP)… we have SIP trunks and telecommuters to the same box w/ no NAT issues either, but still no joy w/ ofmeet Any ideas?