Using OpenFire with multiple connections

I’m trying to use OpenFire to forward on a large number of messages to subscribers of my service. I’m trying to integrate using the Mule ESB’s XMPP transport (which I’ve updated to work with Smack 3.0.4), but the problem I seem to be having is that OpenFire will only allow one connection for the system account I’ve got set up. Mule wants to create a pool of connections, but all but one of them end up being disconnected by the server. Is there a way to configure it to allow a pool of connections so I can multi-thread the sending of messages?


XMPP allows you to have multiple connections to the server as long as you use a different JID (different node identifier) to connect. So foo@server/home and foo@server/work can both connect without problems. Maybe there’s a problem and the pool uses the same JID.


Yeah, I found that in the spec last night. It also mentions that the server should be able to auto-generate a resource location for the client. Is there a way to configure this with OpenFire connecting via Smack?

Thanks very much!


Setting unique resource names for each connection made this work.