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Using Openfire with Novell eDirectory

We have a large eDirectory/Novell installation and wanted to use Openfire for IM but still manage as much of it as possible through iManager (one single point of administration)

We are using Openfire 3.8.1 and eDirectory 8.8 and below are attached the files I used to accomplish this:

  • brandtInstantMessaging.ldif
    While there are a number of default attributes in eDirectory, I still needed two more. One called instantMessaging which is a boolean identifying whether the person or group is IM enabled. And another called instantMessagingDomain to store the Jabber Domain.

  • brandtInstantMessaging.npm
    A custom built NPM file for iManager, which will allow you to administer Jabber attributes for Users and Groups

  • vcard.xml
    vCard attributes I used for eDirectory (The system property ldap.vcard-mapping)

I am using the following System Properties:

ldap.searchFilter = (&(cn={0})(objectclass=person)(instantMessaging=true))

ldap.groupSearchFilter = (&(cn={0})(objectclass=groupOfNames)(instantMessaging=true))


  1. These files are not 100%, infact I would say that I’m only 50% there, but hopefully others can use this information with their installations and not have to start from scratch.

User specific notes:

  1. In our installation, I am using the CN as the login name.
  2. The domain, while stored in eDirectory, really has no useful purpose but might in the future.
  3. Both the CN and the Domain are combined and entered as a third attribute called instantMessagingID which is also unused at this time.
  4. We are using the jpegPhoto Attribute for vCard Avatars.
  5. I specifically disabled some of the vCard fields as in our organization they are handled differently.

Group specific notes:

  1. The same object schema applied to the user is applied to the group, but we only care about one attribute, when we only care about the instantMessaging attribute.
  2. I am also using the displayName attribute, hoping that someday I will figure out how to use that in Openfire as well.
    brandtInstantMessaging.ldif.zip (415 Bytes)
    brandtInstantMessaging.npm.zip (9036 Bytes)
    vcard.xml (667 Bytes)