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Using Openfire within VPN Network

Hi people,

just a little problem! I do run a vpn network and running an openfire server to support communication between the participating users. some tunnels are set to “connect to vpn on demand” and kill the connection to the network after 6 min without traffic. that means the spark clients go offline and connection is lost. I wonder why the “on demand” tunnel is going offline, since I thought openfire or Spark is sending some Ping requests each 30 sec or so to check if the user is still available. If so, the tunnel should stay online in my thoughts! Am I wrong with this conclusion? Does Spark oder Openfire send real Pings or is it possible, that the router is not recognizing the specified packages from both of them??

Thanks for your time and help


I think Openfire is sending pings by default and Spark should respons to such. You can check it yourself lf in Spark’s debud window (raw packets) or by looking at the traffic with Wireshark maybe. It might be happening in the same tcp session i think, so maybe that’s the cause.