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Using PacketInterceptor as processPacket

Would it be possible for me to use an interceptor as a component ?

I could raise the PacketRejectedException and the route the packet in any way I like. Is there an easier way to route all packets from the server in a particular manner ?

Could you explain what you’'re trying to accomplish a bit more? That would help me provide better advise.

A packet interceptor is notified of all packets coming into the server and can take action on them. A component just get packets that are addressed to the component – .example.com where the server name is example.com.




actually i am trying to kind of proxy all the communication from the server via my proxy.

u can think of it in this way :

we have a machine on which jive is running. the only way to transfer data to and from this machine is via my software. so i want all packets being sent out from jive to go to port 8080 on localhost from where my software will take over and deliver it outside.