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Using RDF datastore as Openfire database


I am starting work on a web application which allows, among other things, users to communicate via XMPP, using Openfire as a backend server. In the future, it may be beneficial to be able to store all of Openfire’s data in an RDF data store (probably using Sesame - http://www.openrdf.org/ ) rather than an SQL database.

I’m assuming that this would require a very much non-trivial development effort, although seeing as user data may already be accessed via LDAP, it seems that Openfire is not unavoidably coupled to SQL.

Would somebody from the Openfire dev team be able to give me some pointers on how I would start going about modifying Openfire to support this?

Thanks in advance,


Maybe I should ask this question in a more general way.

Can somebody give me a high level idea of what would be involved in modifying openfire to be able to use a non-SQL and non-LDAP based data store?