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Using security groups to limit access to jabber. (LDAP settings question)

Hello everyone!

I’'m trying to limit access of jabber services to one AD security group but am having trouble.

Our domain stuffs everyone into on OU labeled ‘‘People’’, under another another OU called ‘‘SEI Users’’

All compartmentalization goes on through the use of Security Groups rather than groups of users being split into different OU’'s. All security groups fall under a different base DN.

My base DN is set to OU=People,OU=SEI Users,DC=AD,DC=SEI,DC=CMU,DC=EDU

and all my group info lives in this base DN: CN=IT,OU=SEI Groups,DC=AD,DC=SEI,DC=CMU,DC=EDU

Do I have any hope of limiting access to just this group??

Thanks in advance!!

  • KSF