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Using Spark + Openfire as a corporative local chat


We’re thinking about trying to use spark and openfire (linux server) as a local chat in my workplace, and I would like to know if it’s possible to do things like:

-Block the creation of new logins by the user (only the IT department could create)
-Not allow the user to change his name
-Log all the messages in the server, which the Admin could see if they want

Thank you very much!

-Yes, by disabling registration
-Yes, if you mean regular name. You can block profile editing in Spark with Client Control plugin. In group chat one can also change his nickname. You can block nickname change in room settings. But if you block profile change already, there is no other way to change nickname in group chat anyway.
-Yes, with Monitoring Service plugin.

Thank you very much!

Yes. You can also have it integrate with a Windows Active Directory…if you have one of those.