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Using web services to admin a plugin in wildfire


I’‘m trying to develop a plugin that could be controlled remotelly using web services, it seems possible but I can’'t find any docs about it…

Have you already read something on that ?


AFAIK Jetty (Server that Jive is using) is not very supportive on handling web services. It may be handy to use external libraries for your plugin, e.g. AXIS (http://ws.apache.org/axis/).

That’‘s what I’‘m trying to do, but I don’‘t know how to embed axis in my plugin. I have seen that we can use module for web services in the Wildfire api, but there’'s no documentation about it. Do you have any ideas ?

Thank you.

PS. Please don’'t care about my english

Would Axis start up it’'s own HTTP listener on a different port? Or, does it deploy as a web-app. Doing the former should be pretty easy. Doing the latter is also possible, although it means structuring your entire plugin as a web-app.




Thanks you for your answer, in fact axis has to be deployed as a web-app. Does the ant task “plugins” could be use to build it or do I have to create a new task in the build.xml ?

Does someone have already created a plugin structured as a web-app ? This could help me…


Thanks for your answers, so I post a new thread to get some help about structuring my plugin as a web-app.




I am trying to do something similar by connecting openfire with a webservice. To do this I need to know who to use an external library in plugin development for openfire. I have so far developed a basic openfire plugin but I need to develop a plugin that uses an external library. Can someone please tell me how? I have tried this with no success.

Greatly appreciate a quick response!

Thank You!

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