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Using webchat through s2s

I want to use openfire+fastpath to add customer service. I have setup my support team to connect to openfire and use workgroups properly.

I have an existing XMPP server setup using ejabberd. Users are already connecting to this server.

I have configured webchat to connect to this server instead of an openfire server.

I was able to modify webchat to look for the workgroups on the domain where openfire is running, even though the rest of the connections are going to my ejabberd server.

This all works well, but now I have a few constraints to satisfy the rest of my requirements. I don’t have a deep enough understanding of the webchat code, and was hoping to avoid a lot of research and work to make this work right, so I’m hoping the community can point me in the right direction.

I don’t want to enable anonymous logins on my ejabberd server where I’m connecting. I have modified to the webchat code to use a special login I’ve created rather than connect anonymously everywhere I found an loginAnonymously() call, but strange things start to happen when I do this. It looks it is meaningful for the anonymous login established as part of the global connection to be anonymous, but I can’t figure out why.

I want to connect webchat to a host that is served by an SRV DNS record, rather then an A record. It looks like the setup insists on finding a real hostname via DNS, which violates the XMPP standard of looking for an SRV record first. If I use the host that matches the A record it’s fine, but I want to use a host that doesn’t match the A record.

Help ?