Using Wildfire via web browser

Hi, I’‘m a newbie on Wildfire, and I’'ve installed Wildfire server and Spark client on my host.

I found it while I was looking for a chat software to integrate on my website, but at the first sight the end-user must install a client (like Spark) on his host to access to chat conferences and rooms.

Am I right or it is possible to use Wildfire with no installation of additional software on the client, using only the browser?

Thanks for your support !

JWChat is a Jabber client you can install on your server so people can just run it in their browser. Alternatively, people could use services like meebo or Kool IM to login to their Jabber account using a web browser.

You can evaluate the enterprise version of Wildfire, it has a web client.

Another one is



this software is easy of install in the apache web server

You also might want to look at Jeti ( It is a Java based applet that can run as a local client or as a applet hosted on a web server.