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Using XIFF and XMPP for other than chat?

Hello there! I am new to XIFF and XMPP, and as far as I understand, all this is mostly used for chatting and chatrooms… Now, I’'ve this problem: I need to make a flash client that sends some custom data (table) over XMPP to the server and vice versa. Server stores the data in a database for example. It would be kind of like a Excel table online.

Could this be done with XIFF and Wildfire that uses XMPP?[/b]

Right now, I can only imagine I could do it with Flash + PHP or similar…

Thanks for any feedback!

Yes, of course. You could serialize the data and put it in the , or you could customize the tags that get sent, which is what I plan to do – since AFAIK, XMMP ignores tags it doesn’'t know about…