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Usuário fica offline

Preciso de ajuda, o usuário do spark de um dos funcionários aqui do escritório aparece apenas como Offline, o mesmo foi criado na console normalmente e nós não possuímos AD. Teria como vocês me ajudarem com isso por favor.

We would need more information and preferably in English, if you want to get help. Is he appearing as offline to everyone else? Is it online for himself? Can he still send messages and others able to receive them? Do you use shared groups or manually adding contacts?

Yes, he appears as offline to everyone else, regardless of is status. He can still send and receive messages, but he show as offline for everyone. We have some groups creates but we manually add contacts to then.

Do these few groups appear automatically for the users? I mean, do you use sharing in contact list in groups settings? Is this user a member of such group? Is there any effect when Openfire is restarted? If you login with this user on another PC, is it still appearing as offline?

Yes,they appear automatically for the users and we do use the shared contact lists.
He is a member of such group.
When we restarted the openfire the problem persists, and the problem happenned in other Pcs as well.

If this is not critical i would try to delete and create this user again. And maybe with a slightly different username. Say it is johndoe. I would create it as johndoe2. Or you can try checking roster items of every person who sees him as offline (press on a user > Roster). Check if it shows both for this problematic user in other users roster items. If not, try editing it and setting it to both. But i guess recreating the user could be faster.

Already deleted the user, created again, but the problem continues. I didn’t look at Roster as you asked, but I didn’t understand what to do, could you please explain me better, because the other solution you presented didn’t work.
I have already completely uninstalled the program and installed it again, but it still remains the same.

Did you create it with the same username? I once had a problem with one user, when i wasn’t able to change it’s display name. It was reverting to the old name every day. I have solved it by giving it a completely new username. If everyone else sees him offline and logging in on another PC is the same, then the problem is not with his client and reinstalling it won’t change anything. The problem is on the server.

For the roster items. Go to Admin Console > Users/Groups > Users. Click on one user who sees this user as offline. Click Roster menu. In the list of users try to find the user which appears offline. Is it showing Both and a lock sign next to it? If not, you can try changing the value to Both by editing it, or just deleting it. Or you may instead check this problematic user’s Roster menu and tell what you see there.

You can also try removing sharing in contact list from groups he is in and re-enabling sharing again.

What if you add this user in some other user’s Spark manually via Contacts > Add contact?

You can also check server logs at /openfire/logs/all.log and post them somewhere like https://pastebin.com/ and a link here (you might want to replace your domain name in there if it is some real external domain).

Such roster issues are complex and hard to investigate via forums. I’m just trying to guess what might have happened…