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Utilization problems


I am running the following:

Wildfire 2.5.0


Single 2.4Ghz Xeon

2GB Ram

Roughly 50 users (VERY light usage)

The server is running really slow, java is taking around 800MB of memory and about 45% of the proc. Is this normal? Is there a way to tune this and reduce the footprint of wildfire?

Hi Ja,

would you please post the Xms and Xmx values you are using to start Wifi?

Please see http://www.tagtraum.com/gcviewer.html on how to enable basic memory profiling, set the values “-Xloggc: -XX:+PrintGCDetails” in your wildfire start script as java parameters.

800 MB for 50 users is not normal, I assume that you made an error calculating the memory usage (added shared memory?) and it is using 55 MB and doing a lot of garbage collections. Please check the web admin page, also there some memory values are displayed. If you see 64 MB there then set “-Xmx128”, this should solve the problems.


One of these days, I need to try what LG has been suggesting other.


Hey Ja,

I highly recommend upgrading to Wildfire 2.5.1 that includes important bug fixes. There is one related to CPU consumption that might fix some of the problems you are seeing.


– Gato

I’‘ve been working on this and still don’'t see a reason for the memory ut. Here is the output of ps -xa --format cmd,size: /opt/wildfire/jr 808816

That should be in KB so 808816 is around 800mb. Can you tell me exactly how I add the -Xmx -Xms switches? I think I did it correctly but want to make sure.

I will be upgrading to the latest wildfire tonight so hopefully that will help.

what is bouncycastles.jar?


I think I did it correctly but want to make sure.

There’‘s a variable which is called JAVA_OPTS or something like this in the wildfire start script, there you did specify it, didn’'t you?

You also did check the admin web page and saw that the Xmx value which you don’‘t want to tell us is used, didn’'t you?


Sorry. No I didn’'t specify it like that. I found an article which suggested that the method is somewhat different.

I didn’‘t intend to give the impression that I was keeping the Xmx value secret; rather, there is no Xmx value to be seen. Is there something a little more specific than “JAVA_OPTS or something like this” that I can go by? There is nothing like that in the wildfire.xml or the wildfire shell script. I also don’'t see anything like that in the system properties page.


#! /bin/sh

  1. Uncomment the following line to override the JVM search sequence


  3. Uncomment the following line to add additional VM parameters


INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS="-Xms64m -Xmx256m"[/code] should do it.

The index.jsp contains a line like “10,95 MB of 63,56 MB (17,2%) used” where 64 MB should be the Xmx value.


Thank you for being verbose. It’'s very helpful. I upgraded to 2.5.1 last night and it seems to have resolved the problem of utilization(slow performance) however here is the line from index.jsp you were referring to:

35.78 MB of 604.75 MB (5.9%) used

I will add the Xms & Xmx switches tonight when I can take the server down.

Thank you for the help.

Hi Ja,

be aware of the Xmx value, I did set it you 256 MB your server seems to have it set to 600 MB, maybe you have 2,5 GB and it’'s currently a quarter of it. As long as the usage is so low (6%) 256 MB should be fine.