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V2 Stats feature request

I’‘d really like a way to see what kind of data is being received and transmitted by the server. Ideally, I’'d like to see something like:

x % of all stanzas received are messages, average size q bytes,

y % of all stanzas received are presence, average size r bytes,

z % of all stanzas received are errors, average size s bytes,

a % of all stanzas sent are messages, average size k bytes,

b % of all stanzas sent are presence, average size l bytes,

c % of all stanzas sent are errors, average size m bytes, …

The information provided would be useful when creating testing or benchmarking scripts.

Hi Guus,

Thanks for the feature request. How would you like to see the these sorts of numbers displayed? TimeSeries? Piechart? Something else?



I haven’'t given a lot of thought to that.

The average composition of the stanzas (x% IQ, y% messages) won’'t change much over time, and the sum of all values will always be 100%, so I guess a piechart would be suitable. Same goes for the average stanza size (in bytes) for each type of stanza.

Then again, timeseries do give you more information (historical data), so someone can check for themselves if values are changing or not. My guess is that you’'ll see fairly horizontal lines though - to check that assumption, timeseries would be great.

Either way, it doesn’‘t really matter for me. I’‘m looking for some ballpark figures, which both of the options will give me. What’‘s more important to me is that statistics for incoming and outgoing stanza’‘s is separated, as there’'ll probably be a lot of difference between those two types.

Hi Guus,

Ok, thanks for the insight.

We’‘re real close to getting version 1 of the plugin out the door, after that we have a whole slew of new features that we’'re anxious to get working on.