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Valid XML not interpreted - solution

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago.

There i told i had a problem because Smack was not interpreting the xml generated to the server after rejoining a channel.

I tryed even last version and it had the same trouble too.

Somehow it is hard to belive everyone has the same problem and no one noticed it before i did… so i guess there is ‘‘something special’’ on my applications

Anyway, i found that the listeners from GroupChats I had allready leaved were not being removed from the listeners container on my XMPPConnection instance. Then none of the of the ones listening to a specific channel were getting the allready ‘‘interpreted’’ packets. (I better don’'t give you more details)

So the easy way to fix it was by saving the listeners (Message and Presence) on my application and asking the XMPPConnection to ‘‘remove’’ them once i allready leaved the groupchat.

After that i had no more troubles.

I was just wandering if the groupchat objects should not clear the listeners it added once it leaves the rooms.

best regards


Hola Nicolas,

I think that you made a good point. I will file a Jira issue so that the listeners added to the connection through GroupChat and MultiUserChat will be removed when the object is GC’'ed.


– Gato


I fixed the problem so you can download the next nightly build and try again. You can now safely forget to remove those packet listeners.


– Gato