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Vcard avatar support with AD

Does the new version of OpenFire support Vcard avatars when using AD?


JM-773 is still open, but scheduled for 3.3.1 so one may want to vote for it and hope that it will not once again be moved to the next release.


Didn’'t make it in 3.3.1 (grumble grumble… )

Tracker states it’'s for 3.3.2. Got my fingers crossed.

we have noticed that if you are using the same clients you can user avatars. When everyone is using spark then others can see your avatar, if everyone is using pandion then everyone can see your avatar. but mixed clients can’'t.

it doesn’‘t show on the buddy list(not sure if its supposed to) but it doesn’'t show on the client. I guess the client sends it directly ??