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VCard Class


I have utilized the VCard class in my code and when i deploy the application in testing for my IDE(Eclipse)…the system finds the VCard no problem. However, after I created a Jar Executable and deployed my application in this way, I get an exception that the VCard doesnt exist for that user. Any ideas?


Don’‘t use an executable jar, they ignore all your class path settings. It’‘s better to use a library jar for your app. If you really want to use a executable jar then the manifest file can have a Class-Path setting that points to your 3rd party jar files. Note that unlike ear/ejb-jar/war files you can’'t have your lib jars inside of your executable jar unless you write a custom class loader.

The easiest thing is to just put all the 3rd party library jars in your jre/lib/ext directory. Sometimes there are a couple lib/ext directories and only one of them works. Then you can use a executable jar if you want.