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vCard info not populating until subscription is confirmed

Hi All,
We are using the latest Spark and Openfire server. I’ve got it setup to use LDAP from our AD server. It seems that vCard info isn’t populating until a subscription is confirmed. I have the subscription plugin set to auto confirm but it doesn’t seem to be working.
The reason this is an issue is that our AD usernames are numbers. Users dont know each others numbers, only their own so when they message another user they dont know who is who on their list until that person confirms the subscription.

Any help is appreciated.

I can’t find such information, but it might be that vCard is not available until subscription by design. And i don’t mean Spark, but XMPP in general. Same as you can’t see if another user is online or not until that user allows you to see that (by accepting your subscription request). But i’m not sure if this covers vCard information as well.

Subscription plugin should automatically accept subscription request when a user manually tries to add another user to their roster. Although there is this old bug registered with this plugin https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-subscription-plugin/issues/1

As a workaround i can propose using shared groups, so users won’t have to search and add contacts manually and would have all contacts automatically in their rosters.

Thanks for the help.
I was afraid of that for vCard and thats why I was hoping that the Subscription plugin would help. I do have that set to BOTH in openfire.
I will try shared groups…


Shared Groups is working, its cumbersome from a management standpoint but it will work. Now on to see if I can get the Subscription plugin working.

Thanks for the help.

Shared groups is a plus from users standpoint in my opinion. Users don’t have to search or add others, they already have all contacts. New contacts appear and leaving disappear automatically for them.

I have linked Subscription plugin’s ticket. There is a bug in that plugin, i think.