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VCard Issue?

I have noticed this in 2 seperate clients now. In regards to a users own vcard data, if the ‘‘to’’ is not specified in the iq packet the vcard data will not be retrieved nor saved in jive messenger. If the ‘‘to’’ is specified the same as the ‘‘from’’ it will work. Retrieval of another users vcard data works correctly because both the ‘‘to’’ and ‘‘from’’ are specified. Is this an issue where the client should be setting both the ‘‘to’’ and ‘‘from’’ or is this a server issue?


Thanks for the bug report. I’‘ve filed this as JM-270. We’'ll look into the issue and report what we find.



Hey Tod,

The problem has been fixed. If no TO was specified in the GET request then the sender’‘s vCard is returned. You can download tomorrow’'s nightly build which will include the fix.


– Gato