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Vcard Mapping Changes Not Taking Effect

We are running OpenFire 3.6.2 as a service on a Windows server with AD for the LDAP and SQL Server for the database server. I recently modifed the Vcard mapping to populate a few more fields in the profile that can be displayed in Spark. Those changes are saved in the ofProperty table; however, after restarting the OpenFire service, the changes do not take effect. What am I missing? The new vcard mappings are ones that I had successfully used in a 3.5.1 version of OpenFire so I don’t think that they are improperly formed.

can you supply the actual vcard mappings that you are using right now?

see attached files
oldVcardMappings.xml (875 Bytes)
newVcardMappings.xml (966 Bytes)

login to the openfire web admin site. Edit the system property for ldap.vcard-mapping. Enter this into the property value:

{sn}{givenName}{mail}{displayName}{disp layName}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}</P HOTO>{homePostalAddress}{ postOfficeBox}{l}{st}{post alCode}{c}{homePhone}</NU MBER>{telephoneNumber}{mobile}{pager}</NU MBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}{title}{wWWHomePage}{company}{department}

So the ![CDATA[…]] is not needed anymore.

Jerry Zeiszler