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vCard Not Showing "All" AD Profile Data

I’m trying to get certain fields to appear on the Spark IM vCard for all users and only the following information is appearing for all users vCards:

**Under Personal Tab: **

First Name

Middle Name (not needed)

Last Name

E-mail Address

Nickname (Does not appear)

Under Business Tab:

Company (Does not appear)

Street Address (Does not appear)




Postal Code (Does not appear)

Job Title (Does not appear)

Department (Does not appear)

Phone (Does not appear)

Fax (Does not appear)

Pager (Does not appear)

Mobile (Does not appear)

Web Page (Does not appear)

All data fields are filled for the AD properties, just not populating the vCards completely.

I have attached two images and the xml data currently used for the vCard mapping, would appreciate any support/help there is.

vCard.xml (1192 Bytes)


Thank you sixthring for your response, unfortunately, I copied and pasted the vCard mapping data into the GUI and saved, restarted OpenFire and the same fields are only populating and fields like Company, and Address aren’t fully populating.

Any reason why half the fields are showing up and the other half don’t appear on the full profile?