vCard web beta plugin for Wildfire


I’‘d like to share the vCard Plugin with interested users. It’‘s just a small step into a web front end for Wildfire similar to the admin console, so I’'m interested in any feedback (hard installation, bad customization documentation, poor default example, …). Do you also need an option to edit the profile using a browser instead of Spark?

It offers similar functionality as the profile page here. It should integrate very easy into existing portals as it allows you to use a template file for the profile, so you can use a corporate css file and arrange the items as you like.

The images may not be displayed in IE within this release, so please try it with Firefox.


PS: For a cute Wildfire web front end at least these plugins are missing:

public Auth (similar to /login.jsp for admin)

public Search

webMUC (I’‘m working also on this, but it’'s much too early for a release)

access_log (to write an Apache-style log file, probably also for the existing web admin console)