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Since there was done a upgrade on our openfire server it have not been possible to edit our profile’s in Spark (using Spark 2.5.8). It just say’s “Server does not support vcards. Unable to save your vcard”

What could be wrong and how to fix it?

UPDATED: I don’t mind if the photos don’t show. We just want to be able to change name so it’s not the Active Directory logon name showing as name.

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i got the same error . will i have to make these changes posted in this link?


The vCard information is not editable when using AD LDAP. If you information is not showing correctly then I would suggest there is something wrong with the vCard mappings in the openfire.xml file. This is my vCard mapping:


<vCard xmlns=“vcard-temp”>













</ADR> <ADR>










</TEL> <TEL>
</TEL> <TEL>