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Version 3.2.2 Plugins

Hi all,

I tried googling the site and searching the forums but couldn’t find the old plugins that are compatible with our version of wildfire, namely 3.2.2 due to broken links for related versions or the question not being asked.

I am after a method to disable the broadcast alert notification (via spark) as it sends the message anonymously and has been abused on our system. I was thinking of a way to disable it but couldn’t find a method on the server so I am thinking some damage control such as:

Content Filter


… but I was not able to find the plugins page for our particular version.

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.



you are out of luck. the plugins you are looking for are the now free ones from the old enterprise plugin (client control, etc) those plugins require at their earliest version openfire 3.5 to run.