Version number inconsistency and help file is moved


I’'ve been testing/using the 2.0 version for some weeks and noted a difference in the version number which comes up when used in help-> about.

Downloaded was version 2.0 and shown is version . This could be confusing.

Furthermore when I ask for help, the browser is started but the page says : help file moved without a reference?

Please clarify

Thanks for a wonderful product.

Wim Wolters


2.0.0 betas were identified (rather unhelpfully imho) as 1.1.9. This confused me, my users and the server (we had it updating automatically new versions to clients), as it kept trying to upgrade to a v2 that was already on the client machine, but the server thought was 1.1.9.

Get the latest 2.0.2 spark and its all fixed, or least it was for me!



p.s. nfi about the help file stuff, but 2.0.2 works for me so may sort itself if you install that???

Ok thanks for the quick reply. I’'ll check that

Have a good weekend

Wim Wolters