Very slow connection to admin login with Firefox and Java 6

Hello all,

I have a strange problem. If i update my debian system to Java 6 and start openfire with using java 6, it takes up to 30 sec till i see the admin login screen.

If i switch back to Java 1.5 it only takes 3,4ms till i can see the login screen of my https openfire admin login screen.

This problem only occurs with Firefox and not with IE.

Have anyone a solution for this anoying problem, because this also slows down connection over https with sparkweb (also 30sec).



Hi Erendur,

this sounds like a broken /dev/(u)random usage of Java 6 on your system. Can you reproduce this with other Java applications which use SSL and thus access the random device?

Openfire usually runs fine with Java 6 so one can say that this is not a generic Openfire problem.


Sorry but i only have openfire running on this server which use java.

Can i fix this problem or test the random problem with a bash script which uses random command?

And why is it working correct if i am using the Internet Explorer and not the Firefox browser ?