Very Slow Login/Authentication

Hi all,

When logging into the server it takes quite a while to authenticate… i.e. after hitting enter it takes approx 2-3minutes to actually log in.

Is this normal for Spark? or does it sound like a problem with my configuration?

It has happened using versions 1.1.4, 1.1.7 (custom skinned) & 2.0.0beta.



Hey jay,

Could you check to see if login is faster with DNS Lookup. In the login screen, click on the advanced button. In the dialog you are presented with, uncheck the auto discovery checkbox and enter the address of your server. Then try and login.


Hi Derek,

Just did some quick testing and this does seem to speed up the login/authentication process.

Is the solution to do this manually on all clients, or is there something else I can change to work around this?

e.g. A server setting? A DNS/Network setting? Force this to be the default setting on a client installation (so each user doesn’'t have to do this themselves)?