Video/Audio chat?

I’m looking for an IM server that will allow me to do video/audio chat as well as IM. Is there an easy way to implement this through Openfire that I’m missing (we use OpenFire at work for IM only, but I don’t see where I’d enable video) Does the Spark client allow these options or should I use something else?


Spark has embed support for audio. You can add video support too. It won’t be that hard as we are using a RTp stack with video support.

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Sorry for being a pain, but where would one find the plugin for video on Spark? I’ve looked at the plug-ins available within the client and see nothing along those lines.

Id really like to see a robust video conference plugin solution too. I need my Mac OS X users to be able to send IMs as well as do audio/video chatting to Windows users (both on my LAN and through our Firewall to external users like laptop users). I need to have my Mac users not only be able to send/receive video from other users on my server, but also with users on iChat (AIM). There are a million IM solutions out there (AIM, Yahoo, XMPP, MSN, ICQ etc), but there isnt a cohesive cross platform video wolution for video chat so far. I keep telling Apple they need to develope iChat for Windows. iChat fully supports XMPP, SIP, and H.264. MS Messanger isnt a great solution for us thus far (and its not based on XMPP).

Have you looked at the Red5 plugins, still in beta.