Video/Audio Conferencing Setup Help?

Hi all i need some Help/Feedback on how to use Openfire/Spark for Audio/Video Conferencing Solution

I’m running the latest version of Openfire (3.7) on CentOS (5.6) LAMP Server with all users using the latest Spark IM (2.6.3)

  1. I would like to know if i need to add a special plugin or configuration to enable Audio/Video support or if its built in Openfire by default ?
  2. How can i setup Openfire/Spark/Sparkweb Audio/Video Conferencing and whats the best way of doing it . .
  3. How can optimize Openfire for Audio/Video Conferencing; can someone direct me to some tutorial or share there setup with me

Thanks Much



Hey Dele

Thanks for the Links . .

I’ll have a Read and give you and report back how it goes or if i need any more help

Thanks again