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Video Chat LAN-to-LAN: can't get Media Proxy working


My english is very bad, I hope you can understand my problem.

I’m using Wildfire 3.2.2 and NeosMt client on a single server, with another site connected via a VPN tunnel. Chat works fine. But when I start a Videochat, the client machines connect directly, thus the media proxy is enabled on the server. So, when I call a client on the same LAN, everything works fine, but when I call a client from another LAN, i get the video query result with a IP-address from the other LAN my client has no route to.

Has anybody experienced similar problems? It just seems like i cant tell the neos client to use the media proxy service, but i can see it in the services menu (rtpbridge.wildfire.domain.com).

I would also appreciate it if you can show me another client that is proven to be able to use the media proxy, if all else fails.

hello @ all,

i’ve got the same problem.

we are using openfire on a central server. this server is in two different LANs. if someone from LAN1 chats with someone from LAN2 everything works fine, because the traffic goes over the central server. also if someone from LAN1 has a video-chat with someone from LAN1 everything works finde, because they are in the same LAN.

but if someone from LAN1 wants to have a video-chat with someone from LAN2 it doesnt work, because the don’t have a direct connection (they are not in the same LAN).

our idea also was to use the media proxy in openfire. but how can i configure it? and how can I tell my client to use this media proxy for video-chats?

we are using miranda.

every hint will be appreciated.


Here I have same Problem too and I have tried many things but nothing worked.

As I was informed. Media Proxy doesn’t Support VideoChats!

This is bad, but this info comes directly form ignite. I hope they will change their opinion and will start working on supporting those.

On the otherhand, clients programs must be able to select specific server to route. iChat is unable and I don’t think that Apple would develop on this.

Adium2 is under development an will be able to handle video chat in the new version. Also curillion is developing on TrillianAstra. These are the only two, that might me capable to handle such requests.

nobody another idea?