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Video chat using smack in android

Any idea about video chat using XMPP and smackx jingle API in Android.

I can not able to find good Sample code to start.

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hi ,

i am also try to find the best api for video chat functionality on android with spark client.

is there any help…

Hi, I´m also trying to find a good example for chat video, any help?

ok, if you find any exact sulution … then please let know…

thanks in advance.

I’m also trying to find a good example for video chat…Any example?

1 year passed,do you have any exact solution? I need help…

me too…

+1 here is there any a/v chat clients for android


me too…

I’m also trying to find the same, but no luck yet. Any information guys?

omg, you guys are like this:


Probably there’s no sample code. The whole Jingle part of Smack is unmaintained since years afaik.