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Video-conference in Flex


I’m willing to do a video-conference app using Flex, Red5 and Openfire, but I have no idea how to start…

Actually, I have already made a simple chat and conference (they work very well, despite the fact that the contact roster always come as offline), but now I just want to improve it with some audio/video conference.

I appreciate any help.



what do you want to do?

There is the red5 plugin for Openfire and a fork called redfire (http://code.google.com/p/redfire/).



I have the openfire installed and my chat is working fine, but now I just got the red5 plugin, and I don’t know how it works to send the video streaming to the other chat(or conference) client by openfire. I’m kinda lost in the dark with red5…

This redfire… I guess if I decide to use it, I’ll have to change my server? And reconfigure everything? Right now, I’m thinking of using red5plugin…

I used this workaround in order to not have 2 servers and just use red5 plugin.

In order to publish a live stream, client side you have to do the following steps:

  1. Create a net connection to red5 plugin:

var conn:NetConnection = new NetConnection(“rtmp://red5addr/oflaDemo”);

where red5addr is the same of openfire.

2)Create a netstream object representing your stream:

var myStream:NetStream = new NetStream(conn);

3)Attach camera or/and michrophone to stream


4)Publish the stream with a name:


Now, as stream name, I chose my jid on openfire: this way a person wanting to receive my stream has already stream name, as he knows my jid being in the same conference (important: you’ll have to cast jid in string using toString() method. Using jid won’t lead to any compile error but streaming will not work).

In order to receive stream you have to create another net stream object client side:

  1. otherStream.play(streamName);

Basic stream is automatically supported in red5 so you don’t have to write any server-side application at all, just make sure oflaDemo is installed among red5’s default applications (and it surely is if you use red5 plugin). Obviousely, if you need some more complicated use, you’ll have to write your own red5 application.

Thank you, I’m not testing this right now (all my code is at work), but on Monday I’ll try it. =]