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Video Conference Within The Spark Client

Is there a plugin for Openfire that will give enable video conferencing in the Spark Client?

I do not want to restrict users to Google so Jitsi is out. And I do not want to make our users need more than just Spark.

I was reading about something called red5, but I cant find the plugin page for it and the website for it looks extremely old(last update December of 2012).

Other phrases surounding terms like Spark Video Conference and other mixtures of those terms provide nothing.

There is nothing else other than old red5 and new jitsi video bridge which requires Chrome. Spark has bad voice chat support, so video part is lacking even more. Actually for Spark to have strong standalone video conferencing seems as a very complex task, if at all accomplishable. I’m not a developer though.

Do you recommend a client (non-browser) that works with Openfire that has good video?


I’ve been doing fine using the red5 openfire plugin to make video calls happen with the spark client.

I wrote a “how-to” set up video calls using the client. It’s in german language but you can use google translate.

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