Video conferencing problem

hello every one,

i’m new here

i’m trying to do an video conferencing with openfire meeting plugin, for that i have installed openfire 3.10.3 but i have a probleme that i can’t access to the web browser (localhost:9090) for configuration

can anyone could help me please ?

have a nice day

Hey Delassi,

I have locked myself out of the admin console a couple of times. What I did to fix it was stop the Openfire service, then navigate to the Openfire Installation folder on my server, open the “conf” folder, and edit the openfire.xml. Near the bottom of the xml file there is a tag true. Change true to false ( false) save the file. Restart the Openfire service and launch the administrator console.

Now this will take you through the setup process again, however, all of the setting are saved (at least they were for me). This solution was used in a Windows environment using LDAP to Active Directory for authentication with both Openfire 3.10.3 and 3.10.2.

I hope that helps you out!