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Video format within blogs


is it possible to convert the source files of videos also to DVD (mpeg2 / vob) or wmv for users without Quicktime and Flash?


It is always possible

It involves an extra step for me for every video. My thinking was that flash is fairly universal & should be available in most browsers regardless of the OS/environment. I also publish the quicktime version for the iTunes feed.

Are there others who don’t have Flash / Quicktime? If so, do we have a preferred format? I use iMovie 6.0 to edit, so I could potentially offer it in another format supported by iMovie.

I thought of the Windows Media Encoder for wmv but reading The specified item was not found. I came across the idea that the technologically impaired may also like to get a text-only version, so even lynx users can get the information which is within the video.

3gp or mp4 with low resolutions may also be nice formats for non-apple mobile clients.