Video recording - where or does it not work at all

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I installed Openfire 3.10.2 and the Openfire Meetings 0.1.8 plug in on a Windows 7 64 Bit machine and the ofmeet is working (Chrome on both ends). I changed the recording password/secret and the path to d:\video. After starting the recording on one side I get only two audio streams but no video in this directory. In the metadata.json is a video “mentioned” but not on the drive?!?

“video” : [

{“ssrc”:607840299,“endpointId”:“ofmeet4480”,“type”:“SPEAKER_CHANGED”,“instant”: 1435301609868,“mediaType”:“video”}


Any tips on how to get the video (working) - would be the jitsi client or spark better to record meetings?

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PS: internal LAN no connecting from the outside

Sorry, see jitsi videobridge documentation. It does not record on Windows. Only Linux

Thank you for your answer, but:

here Jitsi Videobridge Plugin for Openfire ver 1.3.0 is written that:

  • Conferencing recording for audio and video separately. Each conference has a single audio recording and a video recording for each participant. Video recording is only available for Windows. Support for video recording on other platforms will be available on a later release.

So I wonder if it is written there - why it should not work on Windows?!?

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That was the old Jitsi videobridge plugin I developed and was removed at the request of the jitsi project. I did the voice recording code myself using a windows dll for the vp8 video codec. In openfie meetings, the recording is now being done by LibJitsi directly which only supports linux64

Dear Dele,

thank you for the answer - can I get by any chance the old plugin as I urgently need video recording on windows and can not switch to Linux

Or any other recommendation (besides using Hardware recording devices)?

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I have configured everything video meeting works fine but meeting is not being recorded, I have install openfire in ubuntu 14 with 64bit os.

I am getting following error while clicking on record button in “” page.

Can anyone help me?

I am getting following error

What error?


I have created new thread: error while starting video recording of the meeting