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View Broadcast Messages sent while you were offline

I work in a school and we have staff starting at different times. An important broadcast could be sent at 8 and somebody starting work at 9 won’'t see it because they were not logged in at that time. Would it be possible for these messages to be stored in the users unviewed broadcast messages file so that they are able to see them at a later time? Thank you.

Hi Harshone,

You should be able to get these messages as offline when the user logs back in, if not, then this is a bug and will be fixed. I’'ll check this out.



Gato did change so much, is this also the case if one sends the messages to all@broadcast.server ?

Maybe the JM-295 MOTD function which is yet not available would be a better solution than using the broadcast plugin.


If using the MOTD would it be possible to have multiple messages per day?


I assume that you can delete it and create a new one as often as you like. The server should not know how long a day is. Unfortunately MOTD will not be released the 6th April, so if you didn’'t vote for it please do this (you need to create another account) so we may get it in a month.


I think I didn’'t explain myself very well by what I mean by by multiple messages per day. That would be simultaneously not one after clearing the first one. The first message that we send out is for absences and after that we have other messages for impromptu announcements. I think even if the system worked as Derek suggested that would be alright.

Just to clarify, are you doing a “Broadcast to Roster”, or do you just wish to be able to broadcast to offline users?



I am having the same problem at my school. Any message sent while you are offline wont appear when you are online

How are you doing the broadcast? Server or client side?