View Complete List Sans Groups - Possible?

I’m trialling Spark in my office, which is divided into four departments. I have each department separated into groups. For the most part, this works well, except for some employees that would prefer a complete list, alphabetically. Is there any way to change the view in Spark to ignore the groups and just show a complete alpha list?

Thanks in advance.


Users will always appear in their respective groups - however they should be alphabetized within said groupings

I’m not sure if there is a feature request for this kind of functionality - if not I’ll see if there is enough interest to create one

Actually it was a request of mine long time ago, and some user started to implement this, but didnt finish this. Groupless mode SPARK-996

A tip: if someone wants to have alphabetic list just to find people faster, then you can suggest to use Ctrl-F in the roster, or even in the chat window. It is very convenient feature of Spark and i’m using it all the time and i have forgot about my groupless mode request actually.

i’ll assign it to myself and get working on it.

Thank you very much.