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Viewing/editing users and groups from AD not working

Hi all-

Just installed Openfire 3.4.4 from RPM on Fedora, trying to get my company off of a mix of AIM, MSN, and IRC and into a unified system. We have an ActiveDirectory setup, and I’ve confirmed that the base DN, bind DN, filters, etc. are all working (I’m very familiar with LDAP in general and have confirmed the settings using OpenLDAP tools). When I go to the admin console and select the Users/Groups tab, I get the user summary list without a problem. However when I click on a user to view details/edit, the page load just hangs. I’ve tried changing to true in openfire.xml and restarting the server, but nothing seems to be logged to nohup.out. The same behavior is seen for groups.

We don’t have an inordinate number of groups or users (~30 users, ~50 groups) in our AD, nor is it a complicated configuration. Any ideas why this would be a problem?